Site Rules

Lyrical Assault Site Rules
Last Updated: 03 April 2005

To keep this forum clean, usable, and helpful to others a set of rules have been put together that we ask all forum members to comply to:

Golden Rules

  1. Post in the right forum!  You may have your post deleted if you post in the wrong forum!
  2. Use descriptive Topic Subject.  This will help others find what they want to read. Topics with bad Topic subjects maybe deleted! (Read rules in the "Battle Field" for more on this)
  3. Research your Post! Make sure you are not double posting, search the forum first most questions have been answered dozens of time before
  4. No trolling.  Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people.
  5. Personal Attacks. Criticise ideas, not people. Flaming will not be tolerated. This includes any material which is vulgar, defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, or violates any laws.
  6. No Porn. No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material.  This includes suggestive images, graphics, and comments.
  7. No Warez. Do not post links to warez, warez sites or sites with pornographic or objectionable content. Only link to sites that are for family viewing only.
  8. Respect the privacy of others.  Do not post other's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., without their permission.
  9. One Account. Each forum member may have only one account.
  10. Do not use objectionable language.
  11. Do not dig up old threads. If you want to continue an old discussion (older than 1 month), create a new thread and reference the old one in your post.
  12. NO Blatant Advertising. This forum is not free advertising space.
  13. Politics and Religion. This is not a political or religious site, this is a freestyle site, please do not post on any issue that can be considered as politcal as someone will always be offened.
  14. NO Spamming. No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content.
  15. Message content. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages.
  16. No Cap Locks. Please do not post messages with the subject or post all in capital letters, or your message will be deleted. Words all in capitals are not only annoying but are read 50% slower than normal writing.
  17. No Hot Linking. This is when you link from another site to any images/avatars on this site, this will damage my Bandwidth so dont do it, get sum free web space sumwhere.


  1. Signatures will be no longer than 4 lines
  2. Signatures may contain 1 image (max. 450 x 150 pixels).
    (LA Tournament Trophys are excluded from the max image count)
  3. Signatures may contain a link to your personal site or sites that maybe of use to other members, No Blatant advertising! 
  4. Signatures are expected to follow the same guidelines as posts.