Tournament Winners

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Lyrical Assault Tournament's
  Tournament / Winners Tournament Description Date Won
Topical Identity Crisis 2
iLL ScriptureZ
Anonymous topical tournament hosted by The Law. 27 June 2017
Text 1-2 Punch League
Inaugural 1-2 punch league 03 February 2017
Topical Heat Wave - Topical
Heat Wave 07 December 2015
Text Heat Wave - Text
Heat Wave 07 December 2015
Topical Identity Crisis
Annoymous topical tournament hosted by The Law. 01 May 2015
Topical Urban Legends
Winner of the 5th Topical tournament, beating Point Blank in the final. 21 July 2014
Text Clash For The Cash
First cash prize tournament on LA. Hosted by The Law. 20 February 2014
Tag Team Partners in Rhyme
spume corrupt / Brotha Goose
Tag Tournament run by Cee-Jay Outlaw 24 September 2013
Text Lyrical Lobotomy
DTK wins the tournament after beating KayB in the final 11 June 2013
Text Rebirth 2012
Point Blank
Point Blank wins after beating Swift Styles in the final 09 May 2012
Tag Team Double Impact 2010
Calibra / NepentheZ
Winners of the Tag Team Tournament 17 October 2010
King Jehu
Tournament by Nepenthez 03 April 2010
Tag Team Double Impact
Point Blank / sparta
The pair defended their Tag Team titles in the tournament, defeating NepentheZ & CHAIN in the final. (Run by Scotty32) 13 June 2009
Text The 10th Plague
Wins the 10th Text Tournament on LA after beating DressToKill in the finals. 17 November 2008
Topical Topical Tyranny
Kay B
KayB winner of Lyrical Assaults's 4th Topical Tournament after beating Senor Perfecto in the finals. (Run by Point Blank) 17 May 2008
Text Vengeance
Sparta wins the 9th Text Tournament on LA after beating Fatal in the finals. 22 March 2008
Text Textual Torture
2Smooth is the winner of the 8th Text Tournament held on LA after beating Sparta in the finals. (Run by Scotty32) 11 October 2007
Tag Team The Siamese Raps Tourny
Point Blank / sparta
The 2nd Tag Team Tournament on Lyrical Assault 03 May 2007
Text Next Generation
Junior Shade
The 7th Text Tournament on Lyrical Assault 16 October 2006
Text The 187
Winner of the 6th Text Tournament on LA, Ran By: ILLA 14 June 2006
Topical Shadow Boxing
Winner of the 3rd Topical Tournament 22 December 2005
Audio Blaze The Speakers
The First Audio Tournament on Lyrical Assault 07 August 2005
Text No Mercy
No Mercy was the 5th Text tournament on this site ran by ILLA 31 March 2005
Topical Open Mic Tourny 2
Winner of the 2nd Open Mic Tourny 05 February 2005
Tag Team Tag Team Tournament
King Jehu / -Orion-
The First tag team tournament winners. run by Scotty32 23 January 2005
Text Battle Royale
Game wins Battle Royale after beating Noxious, Tequila Sunrise, then BSD and Frank White in the finals... (No Vet Tourny) 27 December 2004
Text Lyrical Warfare
This was the Third tournament on this site run by -Orion- 01 December 2004
Text Raw Tactics
Raw Tactics was the second tournament on this site run by Hanging 13 October 2004
Topical Open Mic Tourny
Winner of the Open Mic Tourny 17 August 2004
Text Last Man Standing
King Jehu
Lyrical Assaults 1st text tournament run by Scotty_32 17 June 2004
Text Testing Tournament
Not a tournament - just a test 18 October 2003
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