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How Does It Work?


The battle rankings are seperated out into two different lists, one for text battles and and one for audio battles. These rankings help give an idea of how members stack up against each other and who are the better battlers. Though the rankings give a good idea of where members come, they are not perfect, they do not take into account who or how good the opponent was.

How often are the rankings updated?

At the start of everymonday morning a script runs automatically to order the members by their Battle Score and updates the members ranking with the new position.

How are the rankings ordered?

The rankings will be periodically updated to refect the changes in position. The memberes are ordered from highest to lowest "Battle Score" (see below) and given a Rank, which they will retain until the next update.

If more than one member has the same battle score then they will be sub-ordered based on who is more deserving of a higher rank. To decide who is more deserving, the members with the same battle score will then be ordered by the number of disqualifications, wins, losses, KOs and finally the age of their account.

What is a battle score?

Every time a battle is closed the outcome is added on to the battlers record with either a win, loss or disqualification, a long with a KO score. A battle score is made up from all of these wins, losses and disqualifications using the formula "((W - L) - D) = S". So if somebody had 5 wins, 2 losses and 1 DQ they would have a Battle Score of 2. Formula: "((5 - 2) - 1) = 2".

Difference between current and alltime?

Because Lyrical Assault originated in 2000 and the rankings from October 2003, a lot of members have come and gone over the years. To help reflect the battling scene on the present day Lyrical Assault there are two ranking lists. The Current Rankings show only the currently active battlers and members based on their last battle date and last time they logged on. Where as the All Time Rankings shows everyone who has ever battled here.


Tournament battles do not count towards a members Battle Record, which only counts what takes place in the Battlefields. It is our belief is that battles in tournaments are focused towards the ultimate goal of winning the tournament, not improving ones battle record. This also helps new members start out battling and practice without damaging their score at the start.