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How to get started battling on Lyrical Assault


This page will help explain the best way to get started on the site and battling opponents. It will help reduce any friction you may face integrating into the community.

Speaking of introductions, you may wish to introduce your self to the other members.

First Things First...

Before you start battling you should read and understand thesite and battle rules. This will help avoid any surprises or you falling foul of the rules.

Site Rules - Battle Rules

Earning Respect

Though this step is not required, it is recommended for new members. Many of the established members will be unlikely to battle you if you have just signed up as new members can be unreliable.

How do you solve this? Your best bet would be to vote on the active battles in the Text Battle Ground, showing you know what you're talking about. Also you could post some Open Mic's or feedback on others.

Finding an opponent

To find an opponent you will need to head to the Call Outs forum. Here you can either post your own call out or answer somebody elses.

You should agree to the rules in the battle call out thread.

Setting Up The Battle

Once you have an opponent and you have both agreed the rules, one of you will need to create the battle in the Battle Fields. This should include the rules you both agreed too.

You create a thread in the Battlefield with the subject as yours and your opponents username, prefixed by either [Text] or [Audio].