Belt History

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  Title Holder Description Date
Lyrical Asssault Text Champions
Text Champ Rutter knows best Won BL4 Text Title Match against Spume Corrupt 23 July 2017
Text Champ spume corrupt Beat Kiki Spirez in Blood of the Belt match after Concrete gave up the belt 29 December 2016
Text Champ Concrete Beat Ridley Squat in title battle 01 February 2016
Text Champ Point Blank Beat Arthur at Bloodlines 2 13 September 2014
17 January 2015
Text Champ Arthur Beat DressToKill in the Clash for Cash tournament where the title was up for grabs 20 February 2014
13 September 2014
Lyrical Asssault Audio Champions
Audio Champ Lord Puente Beats DTK in Bloodlines 4 for Audio Title 02 August 2017
Audio Champ D.Von Doom Beat Beans in Bloodlines 3 for Audio Title 07 July 2016
01 August 2017
Audio Champ ILLSTARRR Won the first Audio tournament Blaze The Speakers. 07 August 2005
Lyrical Asssault Topical Champions
Topical Champ Nigma Won Heat Wave Topical tournament after facing Exoduzt in the final 07 December 2015
Topical Champ Freeda5thDawg Freeda5thDawg Beat Exoduzt at Bloodlines II 06 September 2014
07 December 2015
Topical Champ Manc beat Cuba for the Topical Title 14 March 2011
06 September 2014
Topical Champ Cuba Won a three-way battle against Dalinquent and KayB for the Topical Title. 02 March 2009
14 March 2011
Topical Champ mcwoods Beat Sparta in a Topical Title match. 03 January 2008
02 March 2009
Lyrical Asssault Tag Team Champions
Tag Team Champ Beans
Beat Trizzy Tre and Arthur at BL3 11 July 2016
07 July 2017
Tag Team Champ spume corrupt
Brotha Goose
Winners of Partners in Rhyme a Tag Tournament 24 September 2013
Tag Team Champ Calibra
Beat LuckyD & Manc to win Double Impact 2010 17 October 2010
24 September 2013
Tag Team Champ Cuba
Beat Point Blank and Sparta in a Tag Team match. 06 September 2009
03 May 2007
Tag Team Champ Point Blank
Won the Siamese Raps tag team tournament, with the title up for grabs. 03 May 2007
17 October 2010
Lyrical Asssault Battle Royale Champions
Battle Royale Champ The Law Won the 3rd Battle Royale 19 March 2017
Battle Royale Champ The Law Won the 2nd Battle Royale 25 April 2016
Battle Royale Champ Ridley Squat Won the first Battle Royale 04 January 2016