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Lyrical Assault Battle Rules
Last Updated: 4th February 2016

These rules take effect from the date stated above. The previous rules from 13th February 2014 can be found here.

Note To Battlers #

  1. If you decide to participate in the Battlefield you need to make sure you vote on battles as well as compete in them. If you compete in battles & don't vote then the Battlefield will not operate effectively. People are much more likely to vote on your battles if you are visible in voting on others.
  2. Moderators decision is final. If you feel you have been mistreated by a moderator then you should contact a Senior Moderator who will look into it.
  3. Use the "report this" button to report anything underhand with regards to voting. Any posts other than a check in to acknowledge the battle rules or a verse will be hidden/deleted by mods.
  4. If you are in a 1 star member group you MUST use the House Rules if you are setting up the battle.

Setting up a Battle #

Rules must be decided in the call out thread and once agreed upon a thread for the battle should be created in the Battlefield forum.

The title of the battle thread must be in the format of "[Battle-Type] Username-A vs Username-B", using full usernames. The battle types allowed are "Text" and "Audio". E.g. "[Text] XMan vs YDogg".

The rules of the battle must be clearly displayed in the first post of the battle thread. Any rules missing from the first post of the thread will fall back to House Rules.

House Rules #

The House Rules are the default rules used in battles, for example if they are missing from the battle or unclear.

  • Deadline is 2 Weeks from creation of battle thread.
  • 1 Round, 4-8 lines
  • Best of 5 votes or 3-0 KO
  • Crew votes are allowed
  • Flipping/Feeding is allowed
  • Off-site Personals are not allowed
  • Check in's are not required
  • Anyone drop first

Fixed Rules #

These fixed rules cannot change and if stated in the battles rules will be ignored. The Fixed Rules are as follows:

  • A Battles deadline can be a minimum of 48 hours and a up to a maximum of 4 weeks from the creation of the battle thread.
  • To avoid confusion over the 'Bars to Lines' conversion, a standard of "1 Bar = 2 Lines" will be used.
  • Battles must have a minimum of 4 lines but can have an unlimited number of lines.
  • Pink Slip (loser leaves the site) battles will not be enforced by the site or moderators.
  • Biting, recycling or ghost-writing a verse is not allowed in battles.
  • Dick-riding or Hate votes are not allowed and will be disallowed.
  • Swaying votes in or out of the battle is not allowed and will be deleted.

If a battle hasn't received the required votes to close it within four weeks then a moderator will either:

  1. Award the win to whoever currently has the most votes
  2. Award the win on the basis of "best out of 5 votes"
  3. Will cast the decisive vote and close the battle.

Personals #

By default you are not allowed to use any off-site personals against your opponent. Off-site personals will be defined as anything found outside of the domain or relating to your opponents real life, including but is not limited to real names, addresses, phone numbers or photographs.

Personal information relating to your opponents real life can only be used if they have mentioned it them selves on Lyrical Assault. Photographs of your opponent can only be used if your opponent shared it them selves on Lyrical Assault.

You can only use personals found on the domain. This does not include any thing found on Facebook, Twitter or any other website linked to from Lyrical Assault.

Use of off-site personals will result in a disqualification, and depending on the severity of the offence, may also result in account suspension.

Off-site personals can only be used if "No Holds Barred" is specifically mentioned in the site rules

No Holds Barred #

For "No Holds Barred" to be allowed it must be specifically and clearly stated in the first post rules of a battle.

Any personal will be allowed against your opponent, whether found on Lyrical Assault or not. Anything listed under Fixed Rules below will still be valid.

No Holds Barred will allow flipping/feeding to be used and will also allow crew votes to be accepted.

Blind Drops #

By default either battler can drop first, though it is customary on Lyrical Assault for the challenger to post their verse first.

If you want a blind drops battle, where neither party can see the verse, then you will need to clearly specify in the first post of the battle. You will also need pick a neutral party, usually a moderator, to send your verses to, who will post them on your behalf.

Blind Drops will not allow flipping/feeding to be used.

Voting in Battles #

When you vote in a battle it is customary to provide feedback to both battlers before giving a reason for the way you voted. This is known as an explained vote. If you do not provide an explanation for your vote it does not count. For instance, if you were to mark each bar out of 5 and then add the totals up to decide who wins that does not constitute an explained vote.

You are not required to vote in any specific style (e.g. categories), all we ask is that your vote is honest, fair and has a brief explanation as to why you chose that verse. You are allowed to add any other formats to your vote for example categories, quotes from the verses that you liked or disliked, but you however are not required to.

Number of Battles #

Battlers are allowed a maximum of 4 active battles at any one time. Any extra battles will be locked until your limit has been reduced to a sufficient level.

No Shows #

Lyrical Assault does not believe in "no show wins" and as such we do not award wins to battlers who’s opponent do not show. If your opponent no-shows, you are allowed to reuse all or part of your verse again.

If a battler fails to post their verse in the battle thread by the deadline, then they will receive a DQ point on their battle record and the battle permanently locked.

If neither of the battlers have posted a verse in the battle within the allotted time, the battle will be deleted and nobody will accure a DQ point.

Biting / Disqualification #

Lyrical Assault does not believe in "DQ wins". If you or your opponent is disqualified the battle will be closed and moved to "Disqualification Archive" and the offender given a DQ point.

If the battle has already been closed and it is confirmed your opponent should of been disqualified in the battle which resulted in them winning, you will be given the opportunity to have the loss removed from your battle score.

If someone has been confirmed as a biter/cheater and you battled them in the past, your battle with them will not automatically be disqualified it must be proven they bit/cheated in your battle to be given the chance to have the loss removed.

Contacting Members for votes #

You are not allowed to ask other members to vote in your battle, this will be considered as vote swaying. If someone contacts you asking you to vote in their battle report this to a moderator.